Why Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek

I sat down eating dark chocolate chips and really dove into this message by Simon Sinek.

He discussed why the top 4 chemicals in our brain can create a good leader. It was incredibly fascinating. 

I went from working by myself to having a team and I can tell you that it has been such an amazing learning experience and I have loved what Simon has said in regards to how to develop trust and acceptance on your team. 

Below are my notes from his video.

When we are surrounded by safe people in our internal circle, we are able to face external danger. 

- leadership comes at a cost

- teams work best when they feel like the leadership is looking for the best interest of them. Safety, trust, and confidence is developed.

- great teams don't work to win the trophy, great teams work to win for the coach because they want to make them proud.

Pride, Joy, Love, Fulfillment are a few emotions that the chemicals below release. 

4 chemicals that play a role in building a company team dynamic.

1. Endorphins // a chemical that is released to make you feel good

2. Dopamine // a chemical that leaves you feeling accomplished, safe, and belonging.

  • Crossing things off to do lists feel good
  • To see a goal helps us to biologically stay focused
  • A vision helps seek goals,

3. Serotonin // (this is a good leader chemical)  a chemical that is responsible for pride and status. The recognition of others. Reinforces coach and player. 

  • you don't sacrifice your team, you sacrifice your role at for your team to feel protected.

  • value of team is that you trust each other to take risks and innovate, with out trust you won't achieve what you set a goal for.

4. Oxytocin //  Feeling of love and trust :: intense feeling of safety that someone has your back

  • Human bonds matter
  • A leader who says "how can I help you" is a leader.
  • Giving your time and expecting nothing in return
  • Leaders give and sacrifice themselves to serve others so that the team feels loved and trusted. :: Leaders give time and energy.
  • Witnessing acts of generosity also releases Oxytocin

Bottom line //

  • Exercise

  • Write down goals

  • Protect team and create a safe environment

  • Serve others before yourself


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