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Last weekend I went to NYC with Mary Caroline. (The gal responsible for these amazing photos.)

The time spent there was for work and of course a little play. It was so good to just replenish what I find inspiring, check out some cool companies, meet instagram friends, and soak up the awesomeness of MC.

One of the many things I love about MC is her ability to discern. 

diˈsərn/ verb

  1. distinguish (someone or something) with difficulty by sight or with the other senses.

She uses her words wisely and thinks through things before she puts anything out into the air. Being a verbal processor, I loved it. I loved watching her process internally. I loved that when I asked for her opinion I knew it wasn't going to be an impulsive response. I knew she would have thought through every scenario and asked me specific questions to help her get to a conclusion. All of our traits and quirks pour into our work and contribute to the final product. It's evident in her work that she is intentional. Being around her caused me to check myself before I say anything. I hope that whatever I put out into the air has strength behind it. This gal truly inspired me.

On one of our last days, I had a really unique opportunity to visit Fast Company and Inc Magazines office. I found myself over looking all of NYC and I stared out at the Hudson river where the Freedom tower was directly to my left. In that moment I felt so small. It was a really good reality check. It was the giant buildings and all these multi-million and billion dollar businesses that we discussed that caused me to feel that way. These companies are making HUGE dents into this world.

Side note: Did you know Newmans Own gives all proceeds to charities? The company that makes lemonade, pizzas, pizza sauce and crust? Yah! All profits after taxes are given to charities!!!! HOW INCREDIBLE IS THAT. They've been doing this since the beginning of their company. 

I toured the office and felt the excitement in the office as everyone was hustling to get everything turned in by their deadlines. I had such an incredible opportunity to speak to one of the executive directors for Fast Company and Inc – he said to me: "I want to encourage you to view yourself as an entrepreneur and not a professional in fashion because your skills as an entrepreneur will keep any business you form running." Golly did I appreciate that perspective. 

Stay humble, keep dreaming, start small.


Over All Takeaways: 

- think through your emotions before responding

- It's ok to want to grow your company. Thats not arrogant, if you want to keep it sustainable and impact many it must keep growing

- Refine your skills as an entrepreneur. Learn discipline and strategy. 

- Baby Cakes NYC has the best whoopee pies ever


Local Places we visited: 

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