Shadow Side

Do you know what a shadow side is? I didn’t until I heard the term in therapy. This last year was when I got really up close and personal, learning all the unflattering parts of myself. I became curious to learn more of what it was. A shadow is always standing right behind us, just out of view. In any direct sunlight we cast a shadow.

The shadow is a psychological term for everything we can’t see in ourselves.

Some of the most talented people I know that have so much light in them, still cast shadows. That doesn’t make them a bad person. I appreciate people wanting to understand all their scary shadows because they are brave enough to walk toward their shadow vs ignoring what is standing behind. But maybe I say that because I desire someone to feel that way about me. I have seen many of mine. Most of us go to great lengths to protect our self-image from anything unfamiliar. Especially if you feel you are not surrounded by individuals that don’t want their idea of a perfect life to be interrupted.

It’s easier to observe another’s shadow before acknowledging one’s own shadow. But every single person is susceptible. The moment you think you aren’t is when you are the most. Shadow is the “dark side” of our personality because it is where impulses live such as rage, envy, greed, selfishness, desire, or striving for power. The personal shadow is the disowned self. It represents the parts of us we no longer claim nor let someone get close enough to see. When we repress it, there are parts of our unconscious that never come out healthily. The shadow can operate on it’s own with out full awareness. It’s as if our conscious self goes on auto-pilot and our unconscious assumes control. We do things we wouldn’t voluntarily do and later regret. We say things we wouldn’t say. It’s bred in the most raw wounded places of our hearts.

Your shadow is always there and close by. Get more familiar with it, understand it. When you do that… you protect yourself and others from what you wouldn’t normally do consciously. You live out your core values with no interruptions because you know what guard rails to put in place

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