Her Eyes

Her eyes have seen things. There will be a day. There will be a day these tired eyes will share what she’s seen. What mistakes she’s made. What mistakes she’s seen others make. The most raw human shift in the gut and change of motives. She will share what her heart felt in those crushing times. Those eyes will share the imperfections of herself. The aches and fears she has because of it all. She will be able to share why she was tired, withered, and drained.

Some actions because of her own choosing and some actions because of those around her. Those eyes will share because maybe if it helps one person it means the pain wasn’t in vain. She will be able to share why focusing on thankfulness is the only path forward. Why she gets out of bed. She’ll share what being stripped down meant to her while being built back up. Why she is able to see past the current and understand there’s a bigger purpose to all of this. Her eyes are heavy. Her heart is heavier. Both are the equivalent to the size of another person. But she is laying down that weight she’s carried and focusing on herself because that’s all one can do when you feel the bottom floor has caved in.

She knows the capacity it takes to love herself, she just loaned it to other people thinking they’d do a better job but finds out they can’t. And she finds out who can and she feels for the first time peace over those heavy eyes. She will share that the person who created and designed her will have more grace, forgiveness, and adoration for her than anyone could have. When she came back home to herself He said... I missed you. No embrace can comfort the way His can. No voice sounds better than His does. He saw her at her lowest. His heart broke when Hers did, and He knew how to piece it back together. He knew tape would be a quick fix so He broke out glue.

Her Creator is continually gluing back together the pieces no matter how many times He watched her throw the glass against the wall. He said... this will take awhile but you’ll be fully alive again. Let me show you what kind of art I can create after it’s been broken.

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