Be Gracious With Yourself

I saw a young woman crying in her car this morning. She was sitting at the red light and she took her glasses off to wipe her eyes. Something heavy was on her heart and I want to tell her: 

Dear _______, 
You'll question why people or places can leave such an imprint on your life. You'll be curious on what your purpose is and how you should shape it. You'll have thoughts on why you said yes to some things and turned away other things. You'll have moments of sheer victory and moments left broken hearted. You'll experience emotional highs and the lowest of lows. You'll learn what makes you alive, you'll learn what makes you cry and you'll learn what makes you grow. And in those moments you think that maybe you just need a pep talk or words of encouragement... but I want to tell you: let yourself feel and let yourself cry. Let yourself feel every ache and pain. Let every drop come out of your eyes. Don't hold it in. Let it out. It shapes you and forms an emotional depth that you didn't know you had. The life that you live and every emotion that comes with it can be used to help another person you might cross paths with so don't cheat that person that could use your help because you were too scared to feel and too scared to process and too scared to love. Whatever you may be crying about may not be the end of something, it might be the beginning and you'll get to the other side.

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