Don’t be scared to feel the cracks your heart has felt.

I saved this photo from when I was in the country last weekend. One of the reasons being that we sometimes only capture joy but yet with out sadness joy doesn't exist so why only capture joy? It was special and simple because you saw the weight my eyes felt. I think so many times social media only shares the filtered beautiful parts. Many of us do that because of "boundaries" to what we share while others feel dismantled and confused as to why our life feels completely unfiltered and broken hearted. I don't dare strive to or desire a life filtered. I hope to only share the bits that have been semi-processed that still respect the relationships around me. So hear I am, with a heavy heart. A heavy day. Learning a lot and ultimately wanting you to know you aren't alone in it. I want you to know you'll figure it out, let time heal, pray for the Lord to strengthen your heart, soften others, and understand that it will take a lot of time. More than you desire. That's okay. It's truly going to be okay and I think what you needed to hear tonight was: That you'll be okay. Your capacity is being stretched and that's beautiful. One of the most beautiful pieces of you.

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