Falling Forward

The irony of this is kinda hilarious. I went for a run today and as I'm headed back and it's getting way too dark for this gal to be out running the streets, I'm listening to "Awesome God" by Hillsong. I'm just really into the song and the next thing you know I go flying in the air forward, slide across the cobblestone sidewalk on the pads of my hands and my knees stop me from going in the road... meanwhile I yell the biggest F*BOMB this neighborhood has ever heard. So loud that a car stopped and asked if I was ok. I looked at her and I just said: "yes, thank you! That just hurt really bad." And then I kept running... I got further away from the embarrassment, cried a little, my hands and knees are swelling by the minute but I couldn't help but laugh at myself. The mess you find yourself in whether you put yourself in a hurricane or not, you sometimes have to fall forward to move forward no matter how painful it is and if you yell loud enough, someone will ask if you're ok. // I'm sorry cabbagetown for my dirty mouth in the heat of pain.

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