Have you found peace with your mistakes? - I love this song lyric. My therapist said today that blame and shame can't exist for long because every pain and heart ache we experience will lead to an awakening in our soul that we didn't know we needed. Every heart break you'll experience in life is an opportunity to learn how to fight different for yourself and for the people around you. Ive been praying for hearts these days.. when I feel overwhelmed by the aches of this world. Aches of things I've contributed to. When I have a heavy heart and not many words, I just ask God to be with hearts of individuals that hurt. That are confused - mine included. Hearts that are in need of comfort. I think He likes us talking to Him even with little words then no words at all. We all know I never really struggle with talking a lot.. but these days I do. So if you ever don't know what to say to God... just start with little words. If you prayed 3000 words in your journal to Him, He'd love it. If it was 3 words He'd love it. The fact that you thought about being close to Him, He loves it and He will embrace you with every inch closer you get to Him.

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