Tour Tour Tour

March of this year we had an incredible opportunity to tour the Southeast after raising $27,000 through indie go go. We went to 13 different cities back to back in 10 days in a beautiful van that was decorated with KIND bars and Eno Hammocks!

Next weekend we will be hitting the road for a tour stop in Savannah and partnering with One West Victory as well as hitting the road to West Palm Beach to hang out at SubCulture Coffee! 

There is something special about being face to face with people who support our message. Who support this thought that if we live our life knowing we have value, our decisions in life are different.  

Nobody should feel alone in the midst of uprooting their struggles that have branded them as unworthy of love. We hope that these events bring awareness to this lifestyle and a way of thinking, so bring a friend or 5 because it's FREE!

September 26 - If you live in South Georgia - We want to meet you. 

September 27 - If you live in West Palm Beach - We want to meet you. 


Video by The Entrance Collective (such amazing people)

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