Exciting News!

Three years go I quit my job. Two years ago I met Plywood People. One year ago I hired my first part-time employee to manage customer service and fulfillment. November is a lucky month and a month to be truly thankful. 

This year we are moving offices! 

When So Worth Loving started it functioned with towels and spray paint I purchased from Hobby Lobby. The towels really served to help the overspray from getting on our beige shag carpet of our rental in the suburbs. 6 months into this project I decided to print a few t-shirts and store them in a little room at my parents office. Shortly after quitting my job to pursue this endeavor, we were living in a loft in the city of Atlanta and I worked out of the back closet known as the water heater closet. I used the beautiful white walls of our loft for photo-shoots and often processed orders on our bed and kitchen counter. 

Shortly after, I attended Plywood Presents for the first time and my life was changed. Being in a room full of speakers, authors, business women and men who are pouring into innovators and social good doers, I couldn't help but be inspired. I left the event having met Jeff Shinabarger + Gisele Nelson and hoping they knew I was serious about the dream I casted to them. After Jared and I attended a 2 day retreat for small businesses with Plywood People, Jeff kept challenging me and asking good questions that a free spirited thinker needs to hear. He didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, he told me what I needed to hear.

In order for me to keep my sanity and enjoy my home life he encouraged me to move out of this back closet and into their office. You see, Plywood People (his company) has played a HUGE role into our development as a company. Jeff has been a mentor of mine for 2 years and I am so thankful he saw this creative who knows very little about business and took time to surround me with inspiring people and trusted me with his trusted circle. I moved into this office not knowing what to expect and grew into an educated entrepreneur still thirsty to learn.  If it wasn't for tough conversations and challenging questions, I'd be the same person 3 years ago. Plywood is family to me. They saw me at my best and worst days. They will continue to be family to me.

Let me tell you, leaving this little back corner nook is going to be hard. Bittersweet, really. You see this nook has so many memories attached to it. Our first real office, our first real sign on the door, our first big publication, our first U.S tour, and valuable relationships were birthed out of this space.

With growth comes changes and we are growing and leaking into the halls. What once was a 1 person space is now multiple people in a back nook. 

That brings me to our next SWL office. As of November we will be moving into a space full of white walls and a garage door off Ponce De Leon near Ponce City Market. We will be sharing the terrace level of Foster - a collaborative space for Atlanta freelancers and creatives! Being out of community was one thing I was worried about when moving and yet God provided a space that fits the bill for all of our needs. 4 walls, lots of white, with in budget, community driven, the ability to have pop-up shops, ground level, convenient location, and most exciting part..... FUNCTIONING AS A SHOWROOM! 

Our space will be a place to house our whole team, have an open environment, and a place where we will have designated hours open to the public twice a week! Be on the look out as we announce our hours and when we are open, stop by and say hi! 

This next chapter is unknown for whats to come and I am so ready. 

Cheers to year one, two, three, and now going on four.

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