WHEN SO WORTH LOVING WENT FROM A TUMBLR BLOG TO AN ACTUAL COMPANY, 5 years ago BEING CONFIDENT IN WHO I WAS was crucial. I learned values along the way that kept me rooted and i hope i can share that with you.  

I learned that in order for you to really understand your dreams and truly let them take you places, you have to stop comparing yourself to others. I knew that if I wanted to make this brand known and impact many, it had to become sustainable. So, I put my business cap on and surrounded myself with people that I hope would pour into me. I hope to remain a sponge. Subjecting my introverted self into every entrepreneurial dinner, meeting, and was advised by some of the most influential leaders in Atlanta. I'm thankful they see something in me to teach.

We all have opportunities to make a difference and I believe some of us listen to that call, while others are scared to face it. I hope to help people face it.    

Let’s talk about it.